Tric Worm

Trick Worm

SKU: 140160

LJ TRICK WORK – multi species bait, made from a PVC plastic, enriched with amino acids, and impregnated with a garlic attractor. This bait moves like its real; with a fully ribbed body and strong scent it allows fish to find it for a bite they won’t let go. Specially designed for trout fishing but rigged on a jig head this will catch anything, trout, crappies, walleye/zander, perch and bass. Drop shot it in clear water for those finicky goliath smallmouth bass. Bright solid and double-colored lures are available in two sizes – 2,0” (5,0 cm), 2,5” (6,35 cm).
Best New Product Award Winner at EFTTEX 2018–19


F05; T97; S88; T90; T91; T92; T93; T94; T95; T96; 026; 036

Length ("/cm)

2,0/5,0; 2,5/6,3



Pieces in package

7; 10