SKU: 14010

TIOGA is a lure specially designed for perch and pike perch (zander) fishing. The unique shape of the body provides movements in the water generating swings attracting a predator. The side ribs serve to enhance the lure’s play, making its movements more real. This hybrid lure has a worm-like body with the typical thickening in the front part and small claw-tail of the shad. The lure is impregnated with a mackerel attractant. TIOGA is available in multiple colors and 5 sizes – 2” (5,1 cm), 2,4” (6,1 cm), 2,9” (7,4 cm), 3,4” (8,6 cm), 3,9” (9,9 cm).


T26; PA01; T61; PA03; S10; T66; T18; S08; T51; T05; S88; T64; T52; T65; T47; T50; F05; T68; T46; T54; S26; T69; T36; T56; S13; S14; T57; S63; T44; PA19; S67; 033; 071; 085

Length ("/cm)

2,0/5,1; 2,4/6,1; 2,9/7,4; 3,4/8,6; 3,9/9,9



Pieces in package

5; 6; 7; 9; 10