LJ Minnow


LJ MINNOW is the most popular model of shads with a classic shape. The lure’s little fish like body along with the tail fin generate incredible game when moving in water. The base of the lure is soft plastic which perfectly retains the shape of the lure and is resistant to external impacts. The lure has explicit taste and scent of mackerel – its body is impregnated with an attractant and coated with a special aromatic oil. This strong attractant and a wide range of colors makes this lure universal for any type of fishing for the most popular predators. MINNOW available in 4 sizes – 2,2” (5,6 cm), 3,3” (8,4 cm), 4,4” (11,1 cm), 5,5” (13,9 cm).


T05; T46; T52; T50; F05; T56; T57; T44; T51; T26; T18; 033; 071; 085

Length ("/cm)

2,2/5,6; 3,3/8,4; 4,4/11,1; 5,5/13,97



Pieces in package

4; 5; 7; 10