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Above all the S-Shad lure resembles a leech of medium size. This lure belongs to slugs and has a stretched worm-shaped flat body tapering towards the tail. The tail is slightly thickened and has two small tentacles on the end. There is a pocket on the back and the belly of the lure purposed for the offset hook sting. The S-Shad lure perfectly matches for all kinds of rigs with a lead: wire leader, drop shot, caroline rig, split shot and etc. As distinct from many slugs it has its own play and allows to diversify the lure’s behaviour in the water. This lure can be used not only in the cold water for fishing of passive fish, but also for active predator angling. Among the additional advantages there are soft and in the same time durable material.


CA35; S10; S08; S02; PA03; 071; 085

Length ("/cm)

2,8/7,1; 3,8/9,6



Pieces in package

5; 7