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FROG – a soft rubber, surface floating lure. The lure imitates a frog and is designed for catching predators in heavily overgrown waters, where the use of other lures is impossible. When the bait falls in the water, the hooks are always oriented upwards, and the double-hook tips are pressed against lure’s body, therefore, when guiding, the hooks do not catch on the water plants. The main fishing target is pike. The main method of guiding – light jerking of the lure with short intervals, simulating the frogs’ jumps on the water surface. To avoid unrealized bites, do not rush. When you see that pike has grabbed the lure, ease the line, wait for fishing line to tighten, and only then pull. Usually, when missed, the pike repeatedly attacks the bait. The lure is made in sizes of 2” (5,0 cm) and 2,6” (6,5 cm). To avoid lost bites, it is recommended to insert an additional hook to the lure – the LJ Frog Trailer Hook (art. LJPTH-001).


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