Chunk Tail


Chunk Tail are the most universal „scented” lures of Lucky John, with an attractant of shrimp, they can be applied both to classic jig head, Texas or Carolina. This twister starts to play during the most slowly retrieve. It has wide and noisy play attracting fish from the long distance. The main haul is a big perch, a pike-perch, a zander and a pike. On the other side Chunk Tail lures allow efficiently to shut out small fry and to fish electively big fish. The lure Chunk Tail 2’’ is a classic lure for the light jig. Bigger twister with size of 2,9’’ perfectly matches for pike-perch and pike fishing with the usage of classic jig.


PA29; S19; S21; PA06; F05; F08; S26; S13; PA16; S14; 002; 017; 056; 064; 071

Lenght ("/cm)

2,0/5,0; 2,9/7,4



Pieces in package

10; 7