Long John


Long John is the model of one of the most popular shads in the world. The stretched shape of a body provides it with the unique effect of “wriggling” lure. This shad is justly known as a real pike-perch „killer”. The Long John – new edition lure is applied both to fishing with classic jig and with other spinning rods tackles. It is completed not only with renewed shape of the well-known lure, but also with a new formula of an attractant with mackerel flavour integrated into the lure material composition. The modern colour-grade can turn every event of fishing to be fascinating and profitable. Perfectly chosen sizes of the body and the tail always provide steady operation of the lure with loads of different weights. The lures Long John – new edition 7.9 and 10.7 cm comes in nineteen different colours.


T48; F05; T47; F08; T36; S26; S14; S13; T44; pa19; T26; T09; PA03; T27; T18; T04; T05; 071; 085

Lenght ("/cm)

3,1/7,9; 4,2/10,7



Pieces in package

8; 6