Hama Stick


In terms of geometry, the stick-bait has long stretched body without any evident outdents and active elements, which actually makes it a passive lure. Hama Stick is in demand for drop shot angling, as well as in heavily overgrown water bodies. The lure is mounted on an offset hook without a split shot, the tip of the hook is hidden in a special indent thoughtfully designed by LJ experts. Thus, the lure smoothly goes through heavy tangled water vegetation. Due to the use of soft and flexible plastic, Hama Stick realistically plays in the water, provoking the predatory fish to attack. The predator that attacked the lure fearlessly swallows it; if the striking was not successful, having tasted the mackerel lure the predator makes repeated attack attempts until it catches the lure, thus multiplying the chances of the angler. Hama Stick lure has great casting range, which will appeal any angler! Apart from that, the lure is designed in attracting size and colour grade – perfectly imitates forage base of zander, perch and pike.


T36; T09; S13; T44; T26; T05; T46; 033; 071; 085

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