Mr Greedy

SKU: 1401

Mister Greedy – is a new soft lure made according to “eatable rubber” hightechnology. The lure has a body shape, fleshy enough, designed for pike-perch or pike fishing. The lure has 7.5 cm in size and perfectly matches to pike-perch and Volga zander fishing with classic jig. Mister Greedy 9.9 cm perfectly matches both to pike fishing on big depth – in different installations – and with an offset hook at shallow waters. The Mister Greedy lure can be efficiently applied to pike fishing in weedy places without additional load. Scent&Taste Inside Formula ensures that after biting a pike and a pike-perch will keep bait in the mouth as long as it is possible. It will always allow performimg of timely and efficient hooking.


T39; T44; S01; T26; T09; PA03; PA29; T05; T36; S14; CA35; S08; S07; S13; 071

Lenght ("/cm)

3/7,6; 3,9/9,9; 5/12,7

Peaces in package

7; 5; 3