Joco Shaker Super Floating


JOCO SHAKER Super Floating is a lure with a classic shape of a shad and ribbed surface of the body. The material of the lure has extremely low density, therefore it is lighter than water. The lure will retain its floating properties even after its use on different tackles and after pike’s «bites». The lure is impregnated with mackerel attractant, which is also applied to lure’s surface in liquid form. The bait has a special «pocket” for offset hook insertion. JOCO SHAKER SUPER FLOATING is produced in the following sizes: 3,5” (8,9 cm) – for catching perch and zander, 4,5” (11,4 cm) and 5,5” (13,8 cm) – for catching pike.

Three main advantages of floating lures:

1. The lure works perfectly the entire time it stays in the water. Once the butter-fly-type weight reaches the bottom, the lure floats instantly and turns its tail up. Any movements of water or minor movements of the lure make it move. Thus, Joco Shaker Super Floating lure can be animated for a long time practically in a single spot. In cold water, when predatory fish are passive, it is the only way of provoking the fish to attack.
2. The number of missed strikes decreases significantly. The floating lure always stays in a vertical position in water – it is an optimal  position for a successful strike of biting predatory fish.
3. In muddy water, it is more difficult for predatory fish to notice your lure at a great distance. And if it lies on the bottom, noticing it is practically impossible. The floating lure is always clearly visible and attractive even at a great distance. Joco Shaker Super Floating lure is supplied in the following sizes: 3.5 inches – for angling perch and pike-perch, 4.5 inches – for angling pike and 5.5 inches – for catching pike. The lure has a special “pocket” for off-set hooks. It has to be installed on a swivel system with a single or double hook. The palette of 10 colours has been specifically selected.


T50; F15; MIX2; F01; F03; F05; F13; F29; F33; T42; MIX1

Length ("/cm)

3,5/8,9; 4,5/11,4; 5,5/13,97



Pieces in package

3; 4