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The Lucky John brand began as an extension of a hobby shared by enthusiasts. It brought together a group of people passionate about fishing and fishing craft – and over the years, from this humble beginning, one of the world’s foremost and recognizable fishing brands took form.

In 1988, Mr. Janis Stikuts, a multiple champion of both Latvia and the Baltic States in different types of competitive angling, began to talk and collaborate with other fishing enthusiasts. Their common vision was to provide every fisherman a selection of high quality spinners, crankbaits, jigs, and spoons, at an affordable price. At the time, such a selection of quality lures at reasonable prices was very difficult to find and obtain in Eastern Europe. Shortly thereafter, the first production runs began at a modest manufacturing facility in Latvia.

At the beginning, the product range was relatively small – 13 rotating spinners, each in two colors, 2 wobblers or crankbaits in two colors, 4 spoons, one “Devon” style floating minnow stickbait, 14 fly fishing flies, 8 winter lures, and a few other fishing accessories. This project was started as a leap of faith by a group of passionate and knowledgeable fishing enthusiasts, at a time of instability and change in that part of the world, with no guarantees regarding success or failure. From this humble beginning, the Lucky John brand has developed into a worldwide leader within the fishing industry, a name synonymous with quality, affordability, and an “Authentic Heritage” that began with the brand’s establishment in 1988.

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