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Kubira Swim Shad

SKU: 14042

KUBIRA SWIM SHAD is a classic large twister created using 3D technology. The lure is impregnated with shrimp attractant. The bait is available in
4 sizes: 5, 7, 9 and 10,3 inches. The body of the bait has special cut for offset hook easy insertion.


PG28; PG02; PG18; PG13; PG23; PG01; PG17; PG06; PG21; PG16; PG08; PG22; PG15; PG03; PG19; PG14

Length ("/cm)

10,3/26; 5,0/12,7; 7,0/15,0; 9/22,8

Pieces in package

1; 2; 3