S-Shad Tail


S-SHAD TAIL is a shad with an elongated ribbed body. Due to the original shape of the lure, its body has a different cross-section in its front and rear parts; such geometry of the lure’s body ensures its special play, attracting any predator. S-SHAD TAIL is made according to advanced technology. It is a lure from the so-called class of scented. The lure has explicit taste and scent of mackerel due to the aromatic salt introduced in the structure of the material and a special aromatic oil used as the coating of the lure. The lure is made of very soft silicon, which, along with aromatic and flavour properties, confuses the predator; it keeps holding the lure in its mouth, allowing you to make a confident strike. After fishing, it is recommended to put the lure back into its packaging, since it contains aromatic oil and the so-called “recharge” of the lure takes place. S-SHAD TAIL is a great solution for angling from early spring to late autumn.


T48; F05; T47; F08; pa19; S26; PA01; S13; PA29; T44; PA16; T18; T05; 033; 071

Length ("/cm)

2,8/7,1; 3,8/9,6



Pieces in package

5; 7