J.I.B. Tail

SKU: 14012

J.I.B. Tail is the series of scented twisters specially designed for perch fishing. Due to the material softness and elasticity the lure is well held by a hook. J.I.B. Tail is available in two sizes. The size 1,5” is well matched for fishing with micro jig. They can be used in all kinds of the installations: Jig Head Rig, Texas Rig, Carolina Rig, Terminal Rig, Drop Shot Rig and Double Hook Rig. The size 2” – perfectly matches to a wire lead and a classic jig. J.I.B. Tail is impregnated with a shrimp attractant.


S13; PA03; S21; S15; PA39; T28

Length ("/cm)

1,5/3,8; 2,0/5,0



Pieces in package

10; 15