J.I.B. Tail

SKU: 14012

J.I.B. Tail is the series of scented twisters specially designed for perch fishing. Due to the material softness and elasticity and also to thick enough fleshy body the lure is well held by a hook. In the same time due to the material durability a perch will feel it difficult to tear off the pieces from the lure while biting the end of the lure’s tail. The play of the lure’s tail is very active and attractive at any retrieve speed and load weight. The twisters J.I.B. Tail 1,5’’ well matched for fishing with micro jig. They can be used in all kinds of the installations: Jig Head Rig, Texas Rig, Carolina Rig, Terminal Rig, Drop Shot Rig and Double Hook Rig. The twisters J.I.B. Tail 2’’ perfectly match to a wire lead and a classic jig. A shrimp attractant is used in the „scented” twisters J.I.B. Tail manufacture. This attractant ensures the result in all conditions of predator fishing.


T36; T09; S19; S21; S13; S15; PA39; T44; T28; T26; T33; PA03; T42; PA16; T05; 033

Lenght ("/cm)

1,5/3,8; 2,0/5,0



Pieces in package

15; 10