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AYU spoon-baits are the most popular lures for trout angling, since “finding a key” to angling of this fish is the easiest with these lures. They have classic shape of a stretched drop, slightly bent profile of the body and the centre of gravity shifted to the tail. Thanks to the shape of the body, these spinners have good aerodynamic qualities and, hence, greater casting range. These spinners can be casted further than analogous lures of the same weight. When angling trout with AYU spinners, it is necessary to select appropriate weight of the lure, in order to ensure the required casting length up to the feeding fish. AYU spinners come in two sizes: 2.4 and 3.5 g. The lures are highly efficient when angling the fish in shallow water and mid-water. Once the lure gets into the water, it creates an attractive splash for the trout. The heaviest spinner might be dragged practically along the bottom at slow reeling. This spinner can be successfully used for different types of reeling: steady, with slight twitching, “Stop&Go” or “Lift&Fall”. The type of reeling is to be selected depending on trout’s activity; however, the most effective type in most of the cases is steady reeling. You can start winding the fishing line immediately after the spinner
gets into the water or a few seconds of its free dropping. In any case, partial braking of the fishing line has to be done once the spinner falls into the water, in order to avoid sagging of the fishing line and lying of the hook on top of lure’s body. Only under these conditions, in case of biting, will it be able to strike the fish. AYU spinners are equipped with high-quality Japanese sports hooks and qualitative accessories.


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Weight (g)

2,4; 3,5

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