Croco Spoon


CROCO SPOON is a narrow-body spoon with a bent profile of the tail part. The spoon perfectly flies during casting and widely plays during retrieve. The outer side of the lure made in the form of a textured surface with a pattern applied onto it perfectly attracts predatory fish from a far distance. CROCO SPOON spoon are supplied in four sizes and have different thickness of the body. The have the following weight: 14, 18, 22 and 26 grams. The length and thickness of metal used in the lure allow using spoon under different conditions of fishing. Thus, it would be effective to use a more lightweight lure for angling in shallow water, close to water vegetation. A heavy spoon works perfectly in near-bottom layers of the water body, at a depth of 3-5 metres. Any type of guiding, whether jerking or steady retrieve, perfectly combines with CROCO SPOON spoon. The most lightweight spoon weighing 14 grams can also be successfully used in the winter for angling pike-perch from the ice.


002; 003; 004; 008; 014; 015; 016; 018; 019

Weight (g)

14; 16; 22; 26