Maibe Spoon


Lucky John MAIBE SPOON is the series of spoons designed for angling all types of salmonid fish. Likewise, this lure has shown high effectiveness for angling asp, pike, pike-perch and big perch. A naturalistic picture of “Salmon Face” with detailed two-sided colour is used to manufacture these spoons. The bent shape of the lure ensures attractive play in water, which will not end up in a spin at any speed of guiding, even in case of fishing in strong current. During fishing, the spoon retains the set depth horizon and works perfectly when falling during pauses. It works well in water bodies without current as well. The bright irritating colours of high quality paint coating combined with long range properties and natural play of the lure are extremely attractive to predatory fish and make it a win-win option for spinning fishing. MAIBE SPOON spoons are supplied in the following sizes: 13, 18 and 25 g, and are equipped with high quality Japanese hooks and qualitative fittings.


001; 002; 004; 006; 007; 008; 009; 014; 015

Weight (g)

13; 18; 25