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LJ POP-X – popper type wobbler of the Lucky John Original series lures. Poppers belong to specific seasonal hard lures that are usable in particular fishing conditions. In the practice of spinning fishing, there are not so many effective surface baits, but poppers have become the most common for the water surfaces. Reviews of anglers about the POP-X wobbler are the most exciting. It is called a “super bait” – durable, excellent performance and easy to use. To cast this lure does not require special effort, it flies rapidly and accurately, easy to manage. When it enters the water, it creates a tempting sound effect that very much attracts fish. POP-X available in two sizes – 6,5 cm and 9,0 cm. The smaller size is more targeted for perch, asp, and chub fishing. The size of 9,0 cm is perfect for pike fishing.


A029; A037; A001; A007; A024; A026; 013



Length (cm)

6,5; 9,0

Weight (g)

8; 13

Depth (m)