Haira Tiny Shallow Pilot 33F, 44F


This small wobbler with thick body and the size of 33 mm is a lure of crank-bait class and comes only in the floating version with a small dropping blade. Maximum dropping of the lure at fast reeling is just 20 cm. Once stopped, the wobbler quickly surfaces, thus allowing effective reeling, while successfully avoiding underwater obstacles: water vegetation and snags. At steady reeling, the lure moves with intense playing: vibrating with high frequency with all its body at minimum amplitude. The wobbler creates a noticeable wave behind it, which attracts any predatory fish. Due to OSS system, all of the Haira Tiny Shallow Pilot wobblers have additional vibration of the lure during the reeling and increased flying range. The main angling target: chub, trout, asp, perch and gar.


201; 202; 203; 204; 205; 401; 402; 403; 404; 405; 406; 503; 504; 505; 506

Depth (m)

0,2; 0,3

Length (cm)

3,3; 4,4



Rec. braided line Ø (mm)

0,09; 0,13

Weight (g)

4; 7