Hogy Hog


It is difficult to define exactly what kind of a food item does Hogy Hog lure imitate. It has something of a small crayfish and of a big maggot: not a big body, few legs pairs, two “tentacles” and two big nipping claws at the rear. The lure has clear crayfish or shrimp smell and flavour, it is offered in many colours. The following colours can be considered as the most universal for perch fishing: Cola (PA16), Green Pumpkin (PA03) and Mr. Brown (PA17). The special series with specific colours is manufactured
for trout fishing: Pink Troutino (052) and Bubblegum (031). The Hogy Hog lures are the best suited for fishing with micro jig with active animation of the lure by the rod, i. e with different jerks, pulls and dragging over the bottom. The lure shows the most natural behaviour in animation of a bug crawling along the bottom. Sometimes the lure animation in the water with small jerks is also helpful. The usage of Hogy Hog lure is very efficient with a wire lead and Carolina rig.


PA16; PA19; PA17; CA35; S19; S21; SB05; S18; PA03; 016; 031; 036; 037; 052; 071; 087

Lenght ("/cm)

1,2/3,0; 1,6/4,0; 2,1/5,3; 2,6/6,6


Shrimp; Crayfish

Pieces in package

12; 10; 8; 5