Bonnie Blade


Bonnie Blade is a new series of Lucky John spinners. These lures combine modern design solutions that ensure reliable and stable playing of spinners and, most importantly, make them very attractive for any predatory fish. A spinning blade is the main element of the spinners. It is lightweight, is made of brass and has good dynamic properties when spinning in the water, thus it allows performing reeling of the lure at minimum speed. The blade is wound up as soon as the spinner starts to move. The blades are painted from both sides. No matter from which side the fish is looking, blade’s colour will remain the same and attractive, which increases the interest of the fish in the lure and, as a result, ends up in an effective attack. Another important element is a mandrel, which influences the weight and casting range of the lure, as well as its stability in the water. Two types of mandrels are used in Bonnie Blade spinners: with balls and cylindrical. Thanks to the main ball, the centre of gravity of the spinner is shifted to its tail end, thus increasing the casting range of its smaller models. A cylindrical mandrel of larger models is made of brass with crosswise grooves, which, undoubtedly, increase lure’s attractiveness, as well as stabilize its horizontal position when moving in the water. Metal ball-bearings and a reflective cone are intended for easy spinning of the blade around its axis and prevent its “sticking”. Rigid fixing wire of the blade, which is made of steel unriveted wire drilled from the sides, ensures complete freedom of spinning of the blade with minimum friction with the axis of the lure. All the trebles have a bright fly, the main function of which is to take away all the doubts from the predatory fish ready to attack. Moreover, the fly plays the role of a stabilizer of horizontal stability. The base of the spinner is stainless carbon wire. Its axis will not deform in extreme situations, and the lure will always be in operable condition. Six sizes and eight shades allow finding the right lure almost for any conditions of spin angling of perch, pike, trout or salmon.


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2.5; 4; 5; 7.5; 10; 14

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