One Sensoric Freshwater Jigging Rod Series


Lucky John One Sensoric Freshwater Jigging Rod Series — a series of modern spinning rods created by Japanese engineers for jig angling and jerking lures. The load-bearing design of the rod allows fast luring of fish in rough conditions, including the natural conditions among the plants in a water body. A well-balanced rod makes it easy to work with different lures and angling methods. The typical feature of the whole spinning rod series is their high tactile sensitivity, due to which they can accurately transmit a lure’s swings to the angler’s hand during guiding.

Blank material — 40T graphite, rod guides and arrangement — Fuji KR Concept. Case of lightweight rod guides — titanium. A special style is given to this rod by an expensive mahogany handle, which proves its uniqueness among all other spinning rods.

Lenght (FT/M)

6.5/1.98; 7.1/2.16; 7.4/2.25


Light; M-Light; Medium; M-Heavy


Fast; Ex-Fast

Casting weight (g)

2-10; 6-18; 7-24; 13-30



Transportation lenght (m)

1.09; 1.11; 1.14