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Makora 130F, 130SP


Makora is the classic series of twitch-baits designed in two sizes of 110 mm and 130 mm particularly popular for angling predatory fish. The wobblers of these series are distinguished by their unique play they demonstrate during both jerking and even guiding. By deviating from the line of guiding and moving in wide tacks, these wobblers attract pike. Its fusiform body combined with the weight specially designed by Lucky John specialists makes the wobbler move from side to side and turning a little around its aisle when jerking, thus perfectly affecting predatory fish during the pause. The system of far casting Magnetic Cast System helps in casting the lure at long distances and with high precision. The wobblers of these series come in two versions – floating and neutral floating ability, which ensures a wide scope of application. Three triple hooks reduce the possibility of hook pulls to the extent possible.


101; 103; 104; 121; 123; 124; 125; 139; 146; 147; 201; 301; 302; 306; 311; 701; 705

Depth (m)

0,8–2; 1,8; 2,0

Length (cm)



Floating; Suspending

Rec. braided line Ø (mm)


Weight (g)